Transcon has been established with the core intentionality and the phenomenal framework to facilitate the need of the present day society individually as well as collectively pertaining to the holistic development of every individual in the realms of social, academic, work and other related areas in the personal life as well as universally benefiting the organizations and society as a whole for a complete synthesized harmonic growth holistically.
This involves a complete framework of training, education, reserach and wellness being through different programs conducted by the institute at different levels of the society for students, working personnel, common public etc

“The collective social transformation through education, training and research of practical universal principles of ‘conscious-cognitive perceptional phenomena of true knowledge of the real-reality and its distinctiveness from the virtual-reality’ as in,

‘The Conscious-Cognitive Mechanism’


– (Dr.Vishad Tripathi, PhD)

Our Special Workshops

The aspects of functionality of the ‘Mind’ in its ‘Mental-States’ in relation to the ‘Life-Skills’ and ‘Effective Life-Management’

Structured ‘Mental-Impressions’ for ‘Retention’ and ‘Recollection’ of life events for a synchronous reflection and function of ‘Mental-Activities’.

The ‘Collective and Organized Awareness’ for a facilitated synchronicity of applied ‘Thought-Action’ mechanism

The potential driving force behind the ‘Functionality of the Intentionality’ to deliver the decisive phenomenality

The ‘Reflective-Self’ as the decisive faculty fostering the ‘Creativity’, ‘Analysis’ and ‘Positive-Discrimination’ for guiding and controlling the associated ‘Mental-States’ and ‘Mental-Phenomenality’

The ‘Causal Creative-State’ of the Intellect associated with ‘Creative-Visualization’.

The ‘Subtle Analytical-State’ of the Intellect associated with ‘Reasoning’, ‘Logic’, ‘Intuition’, ‘Instinct’, ‘Emotions’, and ‘Desire’

The ‘Gross Structured-State’ of the Intellect associated with the delivery of applied ‘Thought-Action’ mechanism.

The ‘Mechanism’ and ‘Dynamics’ of the ‘Concentrated-Consciousness’ in relation to the application of the ‘Mind’ to its ‘Mental-States’.

The architectural framework of ‘Thought-Knowledge’ and ‘Sense-Knowledge’ inducted with the laws of ‘Abstraction’ and ‘Generalization’ and blended with the ‘Structured-Analysis’.

The ‘Motive-Power’ behind the synchronized association of ‘Intellect-Mind-Physical Manifestations’

The potential force blended with the association of the ‘Will’ for the sustainability and delivery of ‘Functionality of Intentionality’

The ‘Structure’, ‘Composition’ and ‘Mechanism’ of  ‘Thoughts’ and their modes of ‘Operation’ and ‘Functionality’ along with their ‘Subtle’ and ‘Gross’ effects.

An impactful logical approach blended with ‘Structured Thought Process’, ‘Concepts’, ‘Imagination’, ‘Instinct’, ‘Emotions’, ‘Inductive-Reasoning’, ‘ Deductive-Reasoning’ and ‘Judgment’, all in a well synchronized fabric for an effective and productive delivery.

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Discovering Mental and Intellectual Dimensions of Wellness

Science of Awareness Conclave

23 June 2017 (Friday), Gurugram, Haryana
2017/06/23 00:10:00

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