(Dr.Vishad Tripathi, Ph.D)

The core idea behind the framework of this Consciousness based Cognitive  studies and research is designed and presented with the aim and orientation spread the awareness in the world about the real essence of the Absolute Transcendental Consciousness in the Human Beings of which rarely any individual is realized in today’s modern world wherein we all need to realize our real eternal nature of being the Pure Absolute Ultimate Consciousness which is beyond “Existence and Non-Existence”; beyond “Being and Non-Being”, rather than identifying ourselves as material individuals composed of merely matter and energy. The very absence of realized identity crisis in today’s human civilization all over the world is the real and actual cause behind the devastation and destruction all over and the worst part of it is that different faiths and groups fighting in the name of religions for the one simple reason that none of them has a clear understanding of the real nature and essence of being a human and also as a matter of fact that behind all the Religions there is the Spirituality which is their Subjectivity wherein all Religions, simply being the mere Objectivities of the one and same Spirituality, depend totally and fundamentally on the same Spiritual cause or in other words let me put it this way as I always have my say in this context that, “THE SPIRITUALITY IS THE SUBJECTIVITY OF ALL THE RELIGIONS AND IS TOTALLY INDEPENDENT OF THEM; WHILE ALL THE RELIGIONS ARE MERELY THE OBJECTIVITIES OF THE SPIRITUALITY AND TOTALLY DEPEND ON IT…”. One has to understand the real cause behind one’s existence and the very purpose of it as well. Unless one understands the very cause and the purpose of one’s existence, an individual is never a qualified human being and explicitly remains an animal in the biological context for the basic reason that this power and freedom of Mentation and Cognition is bestowed only in the human form of existence and not to any other manifestations of the Absolute Transcendental Consciousness in the form and ability of thinking, willing, feeling for the very purpose of reasoning and logics which other biological species lack in every aspect of their existence. The one who goes beyond the logic and reason by the power of Thinking, Willing and Feeling through the Higher Reasoning and Enquiry through Self or Self-Enquiry through The Self in the quest of the ‘Real-Self’ and this can only be achieved through this way although living in this body and attaining liberation as well and no need to dwell in forests for the very cause.

The core aim is to make people aware of this methodology which I designed and termed as “CONSCIOUS-COGNITIVE MECHANISM”, which once learned and practiced by an individual, elevates one’s Individual Consciousness to the extent that it resonates and attunes itself to the Universal Absolute Consciousness which is its ‘Real-Reality’ and the true nature though. This enables the individuals to explore their ultimate limits in their own respective areas of work, society, etc. in their lives that there is no limit of what they can achieve by realizing their real essence of their real existence in this world and that they themselves are the ‘Real-Reality’ while the World is merely their own apparent transformation as the ‘Virtual-Reality’ though. Through this methodology, the individuals become enabled to create their life the way they want it to be and hence themselves become the manifesting giants of their own destiny and that’s the power of this “CONSCIOUS-COGNITIVE MECHANISM”.

Now unless we all humans take up this unique methodology for the study and understanding of the “Mechanism of the Psyche” as in the “CONSCIOUS-COGNITIVE MECHANISM”, and detailed explicitly in the matter above, none of us in this present civilization of the human race or mankind would ever be able to get the real picture and the phenomena of the origins of not only the human life, the plant and the animal life on this planet but also of the entire evolution of the cosmos in which we survive as a part and fractional parcel of this complete whole because the whole cosmos which is observable or unobservable outside as the external world, is only the externalization of the inner manifestation of our psyche and mind and hence, I must say, last but not the least that “ the man is the miniature universe; man being the microcosm and the universe or the cosmos being the macrocosm, wherein they both don’t exist; rather, they are The Existence themselves as being qualitatively same in nature thereby being different only quantitatively… if you know yourself, then you know the whole cosmos and its natures reality in turn, for it is its own nature to reveal its secret of its own real nature and as truly said by the ancient seers that, let’s go from the false hood to the truth; from the darkness to the light and from the mortal to the immortal, which is the real essence of the existence of whole cosmos along with our own self as well and the world shall become real living heaven of all beings in harmony with all other manifestations of the nature ”.

If an individual or the whole society takes up this training and study of “The mechanism of Psyche” through the methodology of “The Absolute Cognition”, then as a result of it, spontaneously, the entire society will come in harmony with the eternal laws of the Nature and the whole world will be filled with Humanity and Peace all over.

Lastly, to conclude, such a methodology and its practical approach must be taken as an assertive phenomenal tool to save the present civilization and the society from the repercussions of the technological advancements which has degraded and deteriorated the whole Socio-Psycho system of the society and the civilization by forcing the orientation of the Collective Social Human Psyche towards the extremely mechanistic-materialistic approach of living which is always devoid of the higher values of the Human Consciousness, humanistic social values and humanity as a whole.

So, in order to uplift the entire Collective Social Human Consciousness, we all must and have to uplift and elevate our own Individual Social Human Consciousness through the tried and tested methodology of the “CONSCIOUS-COGNITIVE MECHANISM” of the “Mechanism of Psyche” as in The Advaita-Vedanta.



     (Director, TRANSCON)