Deep grave enthusiasm for the eternal order, reason touched with emotion and serene tenderness of heart, are true foundations of wisdom that years of experience of the life taught an eloquent Vedic Scientist Dr.Vishad Tripathi. Today, Dr.Vishad is standing on a threshold where he can look back with pride of his own achievements to bring consciousness globally and derive infinite joy from the success of infiltrating the right mechanism of psyche in the society ‘Individually’ and ‘Collectively’.

Dr.Vishad Tripathi is a Vedic Scientist- Vedic Cosmographer, Experimentalist and Thinker, Specialized in the ‘Conscious-Cognitive Mechanism’ as in the ‘Conscious-Cognitive Perceptional Phenomena’ in relation to The Human Consciousness (Microcosm) and The Universal Consciousness (Macrocosm) which he terms as ‘The Mechanism of Psyche’. He has researched the core aspects of ancient Indian scientific and historical orientation wherein he researched the project of the Geo-Magnetic Grid System of the Universe (Earth as well) in relation to the Mind-Matter Unification and Matter-Consciousness Interaction. He has also been working on the ‘Conscious-Cognitive Perceptional Phenomena’ in the human psyche wherein  he has investigated the multidimensional aspects of the Universal-Consciousness(Macrocosmic Phenomena) functioning as a ‘Microcosmic Phenomena’ which is termed as ‘Human Consciousness’, comprising of the core research and study in the field of ‘Philosophy’, ‘Neuroscience’, ‘Physics’ and ‘Psychology’– all these areas of study well correlated and connected to each other like an interwoven net of ‘Cognitive-Knowledge’.

Dr.Vishad’s mainstream work has been the critical and experimental study of ‘The Mechanism of Psyche’ in which he has decoded the most ancient framework of the Institution of the Wisdom and ‘Conscious-Cognitive Perception and Knowledge’ in relation to the modern findings of  the Quantum- Coherent States of  Consciousness in the human brain and nervous system, the Conscious Electromagnetic Filed Information Theory and its effects in the human brain, and the Neuro-Quantology (The Microscopic Quantum-Effects in Biophysics and Consciousness) .i.e. All these modern research and findings critically investigated and correlated with the  most ancient  wisdom of humankind- ‘The Vedic Wisdom’ flowing out right from the fountain head of ‘The Upanishads’, ‘The Bhagawad Gita’ and ‘The Brahmm Sutras’ followed in by the concise spectrum of ‘The Advaita Vedanta’ of ‘Shri. Adi-Shankaracharya’, along with the other important and relevant creations of the Vedic Seers (The Rishis), who cognized the Absolute Transcendental and Immanent Knowledge through the direct revelations of their Inner ‘Real-Self’ (Microcosm) illuminated by its  own ‘Real-Reality’ which is the Universal ‘Real-Self’ (Macrocosm),  comprising of ‘The Puranas’, ‘The Brahmman Granth’, the Six Schools of ‘Conscious-Cognitive Knowledge Mechanism’- ‘The Sankhya’, ‘The Yoga’, ‘The Nyaya’, ‘The Vaisheshika’, ‘The Purva or Karma Mimansa’ and ‘The Vedanta’. All of these Six Schools of ‘Conscious-Cognitive Knowledge Mechanism’ explicitly and deeply illuminate the aspects of the ‘Ultimate-Reality’ or ‘The Absolute Reality’ respectively in the following areas of ‘Transcendental as well as Immanent Knowledge’- ‘Cosmology and Psychology (Macrocosm-‘The Universe’ and Microcosm- ‘The Individual’), ‘Conscious-Cognitive Reality (both macrocosmic and microcosmic)’, ‘The Logic of the Macrocosmic-Microcosmic Reality’, ‘The Sub-Atomic or the most Subtle fundamentals of the Macrocosmic-Microcosmic Reality’, ‘Conscious-Cognitive Mechanism of Thought and Action’ and ‘The Absolute or Transcendental Consciousness- (the Non-Dualistic Conscious-Cognitive Noumenal and Phenomenal Nature of the Absolute or Transcendental Consciousness)’, based on the ‘Subjective’ as well as ‘Objective’ study.

Presently, Dr.Vishad has also been working and developed a training programme for reforming and restructuring the core ‘Noumenal’ and ‘Phenomenal’ aspects of the Human Consciousness, in relation to its counterpart of the Universal Cosmic Consciousness from where it originates as the ‘Reflective phenomena’, as in itself behaving as ‘The Reflected’ as well as ‘The Reflection’ on its Self-Created Nescience as ‘The Superimposed Medium’ in which it reflects itself, in order to deliver the required change in the Psyche of the individuals and group to enhance their performance in work area, society and family thereby moulding and converting their individual psyche and collective behaviour in harmony with the norms of the ‘Nature’ for having a better society and a better world to live in. This study involves the development of a unique tendency,  of “Absolute Cognition” or “The Perception of the Real-Reality” which manifest itself in the form of “Immanent Cognition” and this second type is categorized in to two group aspects, a) The Pure Cognition and b) The Linguistic Cognition, in the individuals by the methodology of “Intended Mentation” to get them a real insight of  “The Mechanism of Psyche” by this process of being aware of the awareness in the different states of mind, namely a) The Waking state, b) The Dreaming state, c) The Deep sleep, all three in order to perceive the ‘Real-Reality’ of the ultimate state of “The Being state” which is also known as “The Absolute or Transcendental state”. This whole process involves the study of the Mind of an Individual by himself or herself through the use of his or her on Mind as an examining tool .i.e. the same Mind as the Subject and the Same Mind as the Object, of the study.

Dr.Vishad in his core researches has also worked out the projects in Vedic science with the core of the subject as Vedic Cosmology. This research is about the core foundation of the Universe, Universal Time Scale, TIME (time before the time), Energy-Matter Relationship and its proportion in the Universe, Manifested and Unmanifest, Gross and Subtle, Building Blocks of the Universe, Dimensions vs. Energy-Density, Reality vs. Virtuality, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Universe, Universal Consciousness; a Network of Totality, Life; Individuality vs. Events. In addition to these, he has also worked out the effective correlation of the Cosmology (macrocosm) with Psychology (microcosm) as an investigative analysis of the Vedic literature of ‘Sankhya Darshan’ and ‘The Brahmm Sutras’ along with ‘The Advaita Vedanta- (The theory of a Non-Dualistic nature of the Universe)’, which states- ‘Man is a Miniature Universe’. All these theories and discussions purely based on the original Vedic scriptures in Sanskrit. He is also, working on the prospective areas of study related to earthquake predictions, seismotonics, satellite communications using white-noise flat band, advance level radionics of 12th dimensional levels and energy stimulated field. All these related in reference to HEF (Human Energy Field) and UEF (Universal Energy Field). Further, these projects are based on present day modern science in correlation with the original Vedic scriptures in Sanskrit.